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The First Implementation Of Tokenized Airline Assets [AVC]

Aviator Chain (AVC) Contract:

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Wing commander sales(ICO) ongoing

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AVCRangersNFT Collection
Wing commander sales

Contributors to the ICO sales will enjoy benefits such as....

1. Access to mint the AVCRangersNFT collections for free .
- Contributors who participate with 1-10 BNB get to mint CadetRangerNFT with an initial mint price of 0.07 ETH for FREE.
- Contributors who participate with 11-40 BNB get to mint SquadronRangersNFT with an initial mint price of 0.133 ETH for FREE.
2. At the end of every week after the Public Launch, 2% of the circulating holdings of $AVC would be given to these ICO contributors.

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About Us

A decentralized digital asset with a unique protocol ensuring proper declassification of Airline assets.

In 2020, our team built a system which tends to improve the Aviation sector. This will be the first ever digital token built using a smart contract to enable Airline companies and users have the best flight and booking experience.

Aviator chain characterizes decentralized asset tokenization,easy airline travel experience, loans, saving and investment through a process which provides a model which breaks down huge airline assets into series of chains making it affordable and tradeable.

The Token

AVC Network and Technology.

Aviator Chain is built under Binance Smart Chain network (BSC) as a Bep-20 token. This token would be given special features that all Tokens using the BSC network are provided with. It is the first blockchain platform to evolve out of a scientific philosophy driven around the Airline Companies and industries.

AviatorChain will provide more advanced features than any other previously developed protocol and will serve as the best protocol for Airline companies, Individuals, groups and industries. AviatorChain will use a democratic governance system that allows the project to evolve over time, and fund itself in a sustainable way through a visionary AI- treasury system.


AVC Roadmap

Phase I

Initial Fair-Launch
Social media Setup
Community Formation
Website Launch
Social Media Marketing.

Phase II (A)

Airdrop Distribution
Meme Development
Wing Commander Sales (ICO).

Phase II (B)

Listing on CoinMarket Cap
Listing on CoinGecko
Listing on PooCoin.

Phase III

100K Telegram Members
Squadron Sales (Pre-sale 1)
Squadron Sales 2 (Pre-sale 2)
Influx in influencer and celebrity marketing.

Phase IV (A)

AVC Wallet
100,000 AVC Holders.

Phase IV (B)

Partnership with Major Airline firms
Cadet Sales (Public Sale)
Voluntary donation for community + charity partnership.

Phase V

Listing on Binance
Listing on Hobit
Listing on KuCoin.

Phase VI (Evolution)

Creating & Launching of AVC credit card
Launching of AVC NFT collection
NFT royalty benefit disbursement to long term AVC token Holders.


The AVC Smart Card

There Are Some Things Money Can’t Buy. For Everything Else, There’s the "AVC smart card” created and integrated just for you and also prepared for launch soon.. The AVC card will be used and carefully integrated to specifically boost satisfaction of airline boarders/users by an easier and swift booking system to enhance the airline experience. The first of its kind! Stay in touch with our newsletter to be first to review and Pre order once launched!

Coming Soon

Aviator Chain

-- a decentralized digital asset with a unique protocol ensuring proper declassification of Airline assets using highly renowned Blockchain technology.

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